How do you Sell Your Unwanted Vehicle to 888 Junk Cars?

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Can I Still Get Cash for My Old Car if I Don’t Have a Title? Keys?

Don’t have a title for your car? No worries! 888JUNKCARS.COM can still provide you options for ANY vehicle you wish to sell, junk, or just get rid of providing it meets the following criteria:

  1. If you simply lost or misplaced your title, we can easily assist you in obtaining a new one. Must be LIEN FREE to do so and this will get you TOP DOLLAR for your unwanted vehicle.

  2. To have an abandoned vehicle removed, you must be the tenant or landlord of the property.

  3. You MUST fill out a “Vehicle Removal Authorization Form” which is a DMV document is giving us permission to remove it. No need to worry about the paperwork, we do that for you and even provide a free notary as well!

  4. The vehicle must be complete and still resemble, well, a vehicle.

  5. With ANY vehicle WITHOUT a title, we cannot legally purchase it. However, we will gladly provide you a $25 cash referral for helping clean up Arizona.

  6. If your keys are lost and misplaced, no worries! We’ll still take it!

How do I get my Unwanted vehicle Ready for Pick-up?

888JUNKCARS.COM makes selling an unwanted vehicle a breeze. However, before we come pick it up with FREE TOWING, here are a few things to do before and after.

First off, don’t worry about the trash, we take care of that.

  1. Remove all personal items and valuables and remember to check under the seat.

  2. Cancel your insurance.

  3. Your license plate is yours, we can remove it for you or you can keep it.

  4. Please have the keys and title handy.

  5. Sit back and relax and know, 888JUNKCARS.COM will do the rest!

How much will 888 Junk Cars Pay for my junk car?

We will meet or beat competitors written quotes and will provide top dollar for your unwanted vehicle and purchase all types of vehicles.

Prices do vary for year, make, model, condition, and location throughout Arizona.

Where do I find a notary to sign my title?

All Arizona titles need to be notarized. 888JUNKCARS.COM provides this service for FREE! Your local bank, some mail stores or your local DMV will gladly assist you in doing so if you wish to have it notarized prior of our arrival. (Please keep it in a safe location for once it is signed and notarized, it becomes a legal,open title).

Do you buy more than just Junk Cars?

Yes we do! We buy all makes and models regardless of condition. Call us for a free quote TODAY.

Do I have to accept your offer?

You’re under no obligation to accept our offer, however, the offer we provide you is based on factors that can change daily and is guaranteed for ten days. So, don’t delay. Sell us your unwanted vehicle today!

How long will it take before I get my cash?

888JUNKCARS.COM provides you cash on the spot and remember to refer friends and family and everyone you see for a $25 BONUS, per referral!