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Life Happens, 888JUNKCARS.COM is here to help!

Repair Your Car

Don't just sell it, TRADE IT IN! Unlock the vehicles hidden value and get behind the wheel of a new or preowned vehicle today!

Trade Your Car

Auto Parts

Need parts? We are here to help you find the parts you need at discounted prices!

Auto Parts


Ask our staff of the Automotive Advancement Team about repairing your vehicle INSTEAD of selling it. Our team can let you know if the car can be repaired and nearest AAT repair shop to take it to. Free towing is also available in most areas. (Vehicles must meet certain requirements to move on to the Advancement Team.)

Repair Your Car

Sell Your Car

888JUNKCARS.COM makes selling your car simple and quick! With just a few questions, we can provide you a cash offer that is good for 30 days, and provide you with free towing and even a free notary, anywhere in the Great State of Arizona. We also provide free junk car removal as well.

Sell Your Car

Welcome to the Automotive Advancement Team of 888JUNKCAR.COM We're dedicated to ONLY one thing, YOU!

Everyone deserves a choice. So choose. Sell it. Repair it. Fix it yourself. Trade it in. Whatever you need, you can count on 888JUNKCARS.COM

Learn about 888JUNKCARS.COM

888JUNKCARS.COM is an auto recycling company, owned by ReStore Automotive LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona, operated by a team of trusted automotive enthusiast. Started in the Summer of 2013, as a vanity number for ReStore Automotive LLC, it became a DOT COM which launched on Janurary 1st, 2014. In that first year, we tripled customers across the Great State of Arizona and had a 275% increase in cars. With the roller coaster of metal prices, our offers have fluctuated in such ways that our customers deserve a few more choices regarding what to do with their vehicles. The Automotive Advancement Team of 888JUNKCARS.COM launched in September of 2015 to help customers, trade in their vehicle at the dealership in their community, fix their vehicles, rather than sell them, by offering one last shop, closest to them with a chance to get it back on the road. The GURU, which helps answer questions or concerns, is currently in production, as well as the GURU app, which is slated for a Summer 2019 launch. If you have a vehicle that is giving you issues or an old, beat-up vehicle in your garage, next to a tree or on a city street, we can provide you options on what to do with it. 888JUNKCARS.COM and the GURU, we're here to help you and...your vehicle!

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Mission Statement
Life Happens! 888JUNKCARS.COM is here to help and wants to keep you in your vehicle longer! Of course, we still buy them and that always includes free towing and a free notary too. 

Together, we can clean up our city streets across Arizona.

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